Report Pipeline
Completion Date
Sonic Drive-In Jan-21
Church’s Feb-21
Panera Bread Mar-21
Jack in the Box Mar-21
Chili’s Grill & Bar Mar-21
IHOP May-21
McDonald’s May-21
 Wendy’s May-21
 Domino’s May-21
 Papa John’s Jun-21
 Applebee’s Jun-21
 Popeyes Jul-21
 Taco Bell Jul-21
 Burger King Aug-21
 Arby’s Sep-21
 Denny’s Sep-21
 Subway Oct-21
 Hardee’s Oct-21
 Carl’s Jr. Nov-21
 Pizza Hut Nov-21
 KFC Dec-21

Special Order One-Off Reports

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Buffalo Wild Wings Aug-21
Dunkin’ Oct-20
Five Guys Nov-19
Jimmy John’s Dec-19
Wingstop Jul-21
Jersey Mikes Jun-20
Little Caesars Apr-21


Industry Data
Completion Date
Remodeling Jan-21
Finance & 2H20 Valuations Feb-21
Marketing Spend Apr-21
Unit & Sales Growth Jun-21
Menus & Promotions Jun-21
Unit Economics Aug-21
1H21 Valuations & Finance Aug-21
New Unit Investment Sep-21
New Build ROI Model Sep-21
Annual RR Databook Oct-21
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