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Insights Journal: August 2020

Opinion: In the end, the industry’s mission must be to find a way back to normal, not accepting a “new normal”; While 1H:20 franchisee EBITDA valuation multiples declined, it is +7.4% higher than the 12-year low set in 2009; The average 2019 EBITDAR margin for the $1B+ chains improved slightly to 18.8% (but remains near the 17 year low); Popeyes’ eye-popping success with its chicken sandwich…; Taco Bell must wait for an eventual return of the Millennials and late-night.

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Insights Journal: July 2020

The sit-down model is broken in the post-lockdown world, but all is not lost as this crisis has simply brought to light weaknesses in the dine-in foundation that were there all along. So it is time for operators to do what they do best – analyze, innovate & improve!

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Insights Journal: June 2020

Shrinking menu trends: 1) acceleration of menu declines; 2) larger menus could benefit the most from reductions; 3) operational complexity also driven by LTOs; 4) operational complexity = core menu creep + LTO pace. Using stocks to gauge recovery. Domino’s executive summary.

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Insights Journal: May 2020

Encouraging comp recovery trends with: QSR doing more than holding its own; chicken chains continuing to amaze; pizza perfectly suited for circumstances; and sit-down better than expected. Also included is some good news from Starbucks China. Finally, we include executive summaries for McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

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