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RR Insights Journal

Insights Journal: Marketing Spend Analysis; Retail Sales Pop in March; Chick-fil-A Continues to Amaze; Executive Summaries for Jack & Chili’s.

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RR Insights Journal: $15/hr Survey Results

• Operators were more than eager to weigh-in with their opinions on plans to increase the national minimum hourly wage from $7.25 currently to $15 over the next few years.
• Our survey is well represented by 198 operators across different brands and geographies as outlined below.
• 91% of survey respondents think this initiative is flawed for a host of reasons which are organized and outlined below.

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Insights Journal: December 2020

We were curious what multi-unit operators thought about the use of lockdowns to manage COVID so we conducted a survey with the following questions:
1. Lockdown effectiveness?
2. Is there a better way than lockdowns?
3. What solutions would be better?

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