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While IHOP’s strategy and execution provide a solid long-term positioning, the brand may need to pivot further towards value to weather the mid-term and possibly long-term economic environment.

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Insights: 4Q & Full Year 2021 Same Store Sales

• 4Q:21 same store sales for the $1B+ Chains increased +11.5% (+10.4% 2-yr. stack) and increased +16.7% for full year 2021 (+11.0% 2-yr. stack).
• $1B+ Chain market share of the total foodservice industry (food away from home & grocery) increased +0.06% to 17.61% (-0.85% below its 2016 peak).

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RR Insights Journal March 2022

In this issue of our Insights Journal we explore impact of gas hikes on traffic by looking at comp sales correlations and franchisee comments. While the economic data suggests that consumers have some cushion to deal with the gas price shock, franchisees have a different opinion.

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RR Think Piece – Jan

It’s going on 2 years since our world was turned upside down with government lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing, remote work & schools and eventually a steady diet of new tech vaxxes. In our opinion, there is an opportunity for our country to grow strong in unity so long as everyone is allowed to work towards their own version of the American Dream (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness).

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